The HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s saw our community decimated. Those that lived through it tell of the horror of watching many of their friends succumb to a disease that didn’t discriminate. Meanwhile, governments and the general public bought into mass hysteria that did little to alleviate the suffering, instead creating stigma and pushing those with the disease into isolation.

For a community still fighting for acceptance, it was a dark time. But this dark time brought our community closer together, and paved the way for further progress towards equality. In many ways it was like a war – claiming the young, fit, able-bodied of our community while those that survived mobilised against government inaction and fought for equality.

Our community owes so much to those that lost their lives, and to those that fought the disease.

On World AIDS Day, we come together to remember those that we lost, and to celebrate the resilience of our community.

Join us as we take over both levels of Sircuit and Mollie’s for a special Red party. Wrap yourself in red and enjoy special red carpet performances from Missy La’Minx, Sasha Starr, Amena Jay Alura, Taylor Made, Isis Avis Loren, Leasa Mann, Anita Mann, Nova China, Jacqui Meoff and Kandice Rhinestone!

Full venue décor, music from DJs Argonaut & Jason Conti, and heaps of surprises.

Entry is free, but please dig deep to support the cause.